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Seeking out mining projects that have real value can be a daunting prospect, especially in a foreign market. However, good projects exist and need access to project finance


Mongolian Metals Corporation (MMC) owns the 37,000 hectare Khongor license in Southwestern Mongolia, adjacent to Erdene Resources’ (TSE: ERD) main Bayan Khundii site which features copper and gold porphyry.
The Khongor property is prospective for similar porphyry and epithermal styles of mineralization. Results from 2016-2019 geological mapping and geochemical analysis of rock chips, stream sediments and soil samples have identified numerous medium to high grade gold, silver and copper deposits with maximum grades of 3.35% Cu, 83.7g/t Au and 728g/t Ag.
Further exploration of these exciting deposits are warranted to determine the magnitude of the resource.
MMC is looking to raise US$800,000 in an equity private placement.

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